Frequently Asked Questions about BluePay Processing

Common questions - and answers - about what you can expect.

Payment Processing Support

  • Q: What industry types do you service? BluePay can support a wide-variety of merchant types, however, there are some industries that are deemed too high-risk, and therefor we cannot provide payment processing services. For a complete list of high-risk and non-serviceable industry types, read here.
  • Q: What is meant by an “all-in-one” solution? BluePay offers an entire suite of seamlessly integrated enterprise-level credit card processing products, allowing for a unification of the payment process across your entire corporation. Our omni-channel platform can handle all different types of inputs, whether you are processing on a mobile device, hand-keying, swiping, batch uploading or transferring payment data through your ERP system or business software — we can do it all.
  • Q: My operation is complex, with many working parts. How can this approach be effective?  Our solutions are customizable. Through our expert consultation services, we analyze your processes and find ways to integrate into your existing business plan and encompass every division that receives payments. At BluePay, we offer a high degree of professional guidance and a strong attention to detail, providing a full array of innovative products and solutions.
  • Q: How do I know exactly what I’ll need? We will work with you as part of our consulting services, determining and discussing your short and long-term goals to ensure that we provide you with the optimal solutions for your needs now and in the future.
  • Q: What kind of payments can I accept from my e-commerce website?  BluePay’s e-commerce solutions include major credit cards, debit cards and ACH payments, along with corporate purchase cards, fleet cards, government cards, large ticket purchases and process levels 1, 2 and 3 transactions.
  • Q: I already have an established e-commerce website. Can I use BluePay’s service?  Yes! Our service integrates with major shopping carts to streamline the transaction process, allowing for efficient online shopping and accurate reporting.
  • Q: What methods of payment does BluePay’s retail merchant services allow me to process?  BluePay’s flexible retail credit card processing solutions allow you to accept major credit cards, debit cards, ACH payments, corporate purchase cards, fleet cards, government cards, large ticket purchases and process levels 1, 2 and 3 transactions.
  • Q: How can BluePay’s retail services save me money?  Our processing rates for retail are consistently low, rated as low as less than 1 percent. What’s more, our Free Merchant Account Terminal Program makes things affordable if you’re just getting started or need new terminals. We offer the following types of terminals as part of our program: traditional, wireless, EMV and NFC-enabled, mobile and virtual terminals. Furthermore, our card processing terminals are efficient, saving time and improving customer service.
  • Q: How do BluePay’s retail services increase sales?  By streamlining the retail payment processing system, our services allow you to increase the number of transactions you can perform in a given period of time. As your checkout speed increases and your data verifications become more efficient, your customer service will naturally improve, along with your sales.
  • Q: Can BluePay help keep my patrons' data safe?  Our services and equipment utilize the latest advancements in credit card data security technology, including P2PE (point-to-point encryption) and tokenization. P2PE secures your patrons’ credit card data throughout the entire process, from swipe to authorization. Tokenization replaces your stored, sensitive credit card information with tokens that, if stolen, are useless to thieves. Our in-house risk team monitors for fraud and offers support 24/7, giving you an added level of security and trust.
  • Q: How many different types of payments will BluePay’s payment processing services allow me to accept?  At BluePay we work with you to determine your appropriate credit card processing needs and goals. From there, we help you customize a merchant account solution that best fits your business. The various forms of payments you will be able to accept, from credit and debit cards to checks, will depend on your needs.
  • Q: What B2B clients does BluePay serve?  BluePay's B2B, B2G (business-to-government), corporate, purchasing and large ticket processing is flexible, and some of our partners include associations, government agencies, utilities and property managers. Your business or government clientele can be managed with ease when you work with us for B2B credit card processing, thanks to fast and efficient transactions. Transactions can be integrated with our secure payment gateway to process level 2 and level 3 transactions.
  • Q: Can a BluePay merchant account be integrated into my existing B2B online software?  Yes, there is no need to replace the entire system, because BluePay offers simple integration and online account management through a secure payment gateway. Your merchant account can be used to process purchasing cards, business/corporate credit cards and ACH/eChecks.
  • Q: My company’s credit card revenue is less than $10,000 a month. Can I still set up a merchant account?  If you’ve been told your business is too small by other credit card processors, BluePay is here to help. We customize solutions for companies of all sizes, whether you’re a mom-and-pop retailer or a small company ready to make a leap to the next level.

Merchant Support

  • Q: Do you supply terminals that are EMV compatible?  BluePay has all of the latest terminals and processing solutions that are available today, including EMV. Click here to see a list of EMV-enabled compatible terminals. Please contact us to discuss pricing.
  • Q: Will the software I currently use be compatible with your system?  BluePay can connect to a variety of software programs, shopping carts and custom solutions. Please click here to view our compatibility list and check out the Developers section of our website to see our APIs and available plugins.
  • Q: Will the equipment that I have work with your system?  We understand there isn’t just one option when it comes to credit card terminals, and we do our best to be able to work with as many terminal manufactures as we can. Please click here to view our compatibility list.
  • Q: Do you have mobile options to process credit cards?  BluePay is proud to partner with Clover to offer EMV mobile credit card processing through the CloverGo application. The solution allows you to dip EMV/chip cards, swipe mag stripe cards, or manually key transactions on the go using a smartphone or tablet with Internet or data connection.
  • Q: How long does it take to receive deposits for my credit card transactions?  General deposit time is 1 – 3 business days for all card brands, but can vary based upon specific account information.
  • Q: What do I do if I want to accept American Express?  BluePay is proud to participate in the American Express OptBlue Program, giving merchants the ability to accept American Express transactions at a competitive price point and within the same time frame as the other major card brands. Please contact us at 866-739-8324 to enroll, and allow 1 – 2 business days for activation.
BluePay is excited about the new opportunity to work with you. We hope you will be, too.